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cyber-top Highlights
Security Laptop Fujitsu Lifebook
  • Secure connections for mobile personnel

  • High security through strictly separated networks

  • The compact laptop with “standard” applications is simple to use

Gütesiegel IT-Security made in Germany

High-Security Laptop cyber-top

The cyber-top laptop ensures that mobile personnel are able to connect to your network securely. It does this by establishing a reliably encrypted virtual private network (VPN) connection to the access point in your network. This means that it is safe for personnel on the road or working from home to retrieve and work with sensitive data. The cyber-top, however, offers you more possibilities: many companies use network segregation to achieve a high level of protection for sensitive areas, restricting access to data about, for example, corporate management, patents or mergers & acquisitions to management and relevant departmental personnel. However, the cyber-top laptop allows personnel the convenience of being able to work in high security networks and at the same time use e-mail or office applications in other areas – without a security risk. The cyber-top uses L4 separation technology to reliably keep the different security areas on the compact laptop apart.

Strict separation – the key to high security

The L4 separation system creates strictly isolated compartments: mail and office applications run on their own operating system in one compartment, in another the corporate management data can be processed. If required, patent data can be processed in a third compartment and so on. You can configure the number of compartments on the cyber-top as required. As separation includes the operating system, malicious software cannot find its way from one compartment to another – for example, from the office compartment to the corporate management one. This consequent separation is your guarantee of high security. Furthermore the entire hard drive of the security laptop is reliably encrypted and the key stored on a smart card. Thus, nobody can access your data even if the laptop itself is lost.

Your Benefits from cyber-top:

  • Secure connections for mobile personnel
  • High security through strictly separated networks
  • The compact laptop with “standard” applications is simple to use
  • VPN connections via cell network, WLAN and Ethernet
  • VPN technology – Made in Germany
  • Reliable hard drive encryption
  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Comfortable administration via central management station
  • Customer service direct from the manufacturer
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