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cyber-top Highlights
Security Laptop Fujitsu Lifebook
  • Secure connections for mobile personnel

  • High security through strictly separated networks

  • The compact laptop with “standard” applications is simple to use

Gütesiegel IT-Security made in Germany

Convenient to Use Anywhere

The cyber-top is convenient to use despite its high security features: employees can work with Windows or Linux and their accustomed applications. In addition, an integrated VPN gateway (virtual private network) and a firewall run in isolated compartments, as they are critical security components. These protect from unauthorized access, and allow VPNs to be established for data transmission via, for example, the Internet. Our VPN solutions use the strongest encryption algorithms and are unbreakable with today’s technology. This means that it is safe for your personnel on the road or working from home to call up and work with sensitive data.

Separated networks for data security

Grafische Darstellung der Funktion des Security Laptops cyber-top

Low Complexity as a Security Feature

The L4 technology used in the cyber-top security laptop not only protects your IT with its consequent separation of security zones – a further important feature is its low complexity. L4 is a minimally programmed microkernel operating system and has only some 38,000 lines of code. In contrast to an operating system with several million lines of code, all the source code in the L4 system can be thoroughly examined for errors. genua’s vs-top laptop, which uses the same technology as the cyber-top, is currently undergoing this process as part of the approval procedure for use up to the German classification level “Restricted” at the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). In doing so, the BSI is providing an independent confirmation of the high quality of our security solutions.

Central Administration from a Management Station

The cyber-top security laptop is centrally administered using the Management Station genucenter. This means that you are keep an eye on a number of users’ laptops from a central location and modify the configuration or install updates at any time. This also means that you can ensure consequent implementation of your security policy and thereby achieve a high level of security throughout your company.

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