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vs-top Highlights
  • Secure connections for mobile users

  • The compact laptop with “standard” applications is simple to use

  • An integrated but separate firewall and VPN solution running on its own operating system

Providing High Security Access for Mobile Users Connecting to Classified Networks

Employees that travel regularly may need to access your network via laptop to carry out tasks such as retrieving and processing data, using internal applications online etc. This should be simple to do, regardless of the employee’s location and channel of communication. Meeting this sort of user requirement is important, but an equally important question is: How reliable is the IT security provided during this type of remote access? After all, not only is sensitive data being transferred via the Internet but – from the security point of view even more serious – access is being allowed to your LAN and its confidential information. It is therefore essential that third parties are neither able to read or manipulate the data being transferred, nor abuse LAN access.

Simple to Operate

The vs-top security laptop ensures that mobile personnel are able to connect safely to sensitive company and official networks. It achieves this through two separate working environments being built into the laptop: One is equipped with conventional Windows or Linux applications, which the user can use to browse the Internet, work with e-mails and texts, etc. The second working environment is exclusively used to process sensitive data. Encrypted connections from this environment to your network are made via cell network, mobile phone, WLAN or Ethernet using an integrated VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution, made in Germany. This design means that the vs-top can enable your users to work anywhere – comfortably and securely.

Approval for Restricted

The application for approval to the German classification level RESTRICTED is under way, so that employees from public authorities, the armed forces and companies handling classified information will be able to use the vs-top to work on restricted information. We are expecting approval to be granted in 2017.

vs-top at a Glance:

  • Secure connections for mobile users
  • Two strictly separated working environments on one laptop
  • The compact laptop with "standard" applications is simple to use
  • High security VPN connections via cell network, WLAN and Ethernet
  • VPN technology – Made in Germany
  • Reliable hard drive encryption
  • Approval for classification level RESTRICTED in 2017
  • Comfortable administration by management station
  • Customer service direct from the manufacturer