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How to Properly Use genuscreen and genucrypt

Learn how to properly deploy and administrate the firewall & VPN appliance genuscreen and the VPN appliance genucrypt in this combined trainings. Our trainings always deal with the current releases of the security solutions and regularly takes place at our firm offices in Kirchheim near Munich, or by request at our customer's location.

Die Firewall & VPN-Appliance genuscreen M

genuscreen & genucrypt Specialist Training

genuscreen and genucrypt layout and functionality are explained in detail, followed by a workshop in installation, configuration, and administration of the appliances. The course also covers the topics high availability, clusters, and administration of numerous systems in a complex infrastructure using the Central Management Station genucenter. Participants should have basic knowledge of UNIX and TCP/IP. The one-day course takes place at our company facilities in Kirchheim near Munich, Germany. An online test certifying you as a Certified genuscreen Specialist is available.

Dates and Registration

We can offer trainings in English language upon your request.

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