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Easy administration of complex networks with genucenter

The Central Management Station genucenter allows the ongoing configuration, monitoring and administration of genua security solutions. Thanks to the overview provided by the interface, you can keep an eye on the status of your IT security at all times – and ensure that your systems are up to date and functioning properly. In addition, the genucenter’s convenient grouping function allows changes and updates to be duplicated on an unlimited number of systems at once. This makes it easy for policies to be implemented consequently – throughout your whole network. And when your IT security is reinforced with a new device, it only needs to be integrated into the Central Management Station and configured with an already tested setup.

We are offering a one day genucenter training to help you get to know the device’s new features and learn how to make the best use of them. We will introduce, demonstrate and test the most important functions and, in addition, present the new GUI structure and our high availability concept.

Central Management Station genucenter M

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We can offer trainings in English language upon your request.

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