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genucard Training

The Personal Security Device genucard, the Firewall & VPN-Appliance genuscreen and the Central Management Station genucenter can be used together to operate a VPN that meets VS-NfD approval. Strong encryption algorithms are used in this setup to secure the data being transferred and provide reliable protection against attack. In this workshop you will learn how to use the genucenter to administer the genucard and genuscreen as well as key handling with smartcards.

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Intended Participants

This training is intended for administrators and technicians that are either responsible for VPN solutions with genucard, genuscreen and genucenter or are planning to implement such a network solution in the future.

Our Workshop Covers the Following Subjects

  • genucenter layout and functions
  • New GUI
  • Use of filters
  • VPN definitions
  • Disaster recovery with genucenter
  • High availability with genuscreen
  • VS-NfD ("confidential/restricted") conformity
  • Introduction to smartcards
  • genucard

    • Basics
    • Installation and configuration
    • Test setups
    • Using smartcards

A PC will be provided for each participant to allow the subjects covered to be tried out in practice.

Requirements for Participation

  • genuscreen & genucrypt specialist or genubox specialist training
  • a good working knowledge of TCP/IP

Dates and Registration

We can offer trainings in English language upon your request.

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