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genugate Highlights
High Resistance Firewall genugate, Hardware M
  • Maximum security at interfaces through the two-tier firewall system


  • CC EAL 4+ certification ensures a high quality

Gütesiegel IT-Security made in Germany

Success Stories

EUROGATE Puts its Trust in genugate

Global trading today utilizes a universal form of packaging – the container. Regardless of whether textiles, television sets, raw steel, refrigerated fruit, or gasoline, there is room for everything in these standardized steel crates. Most of them will travel around the globe on container ships, and the number is steadily growing. The advantages of the container become most apparent when it reaches its destination port. Instead of the goods having to be transferred individually, which would be a most laborious process, the entire container can simply be moved onto a train or truck for onward shipment. Careful coordination is required at this stage. Computers calculate the optimum procedure, to ensure that all the containers end up promptly in the right place, while customers are kept constantly updated on the status of their delivery. Data exchange must always be able to function in this environment, since breakdowns can mean longer wharf and shipment times, and thus higher costs as well. EUROGATE, the largest container terminal operator in Europe, uses a cluster with two-tier firewall systems to safeguard and ensure the high availability of its data connections at the LAN-Internet interface. more »

IVBB Securely Connected by Firewall genugate

Data zips quickly and securely to and fro between all top-level German federal agencies along the government's Bonn-Berlin information network, the IVBB. Gateways between this and the public Internet are subject to demanding performance and security requirements. These needs are met using firewall clusters. more »

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