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genuscreen Highlights
Firewall VPN Appliance genuscreen S, Hardware
  • High interface security through the stateful packet filter

  • VPN and firewall function approved for German and NATO RESTRICTED, and RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED

  • CC EAL 4+ certification ensures a high quality

Gütesiegel IT-Security made in Germany

Stateful Packet Filter – Ready for IPv6

genuscreen takes the initiative: The stateful packet filter monitors the status of network connections. An example: If local computer A requests data from computer B in an external network, genuscreen will let the response from B pass to A. However, any attempt by external computer B to establish an unsolicited network connection into computer A’s local network is rejected. The firewall always assesses the context of a connection before accepting or terminating it, thus enabling convenient communication with high security. This of course also applies to IPv6 data communication – our solution fully implements this standard.

Top Bridging Firewall

genuscreen excels as a bridging firewall. It then acts as a stealth security system easily integrated in the existing infrastructure to protect your Internet access or sensitive key systems, such as SAP or development servers. These invisible firewalls are deployed without changing a single IP address, and are sure to be an unexpected obstacle for attackers!

SIP Module for Securing IP-Based Communication

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) plays a key role in Voice-Over-IP communication, which is being widely introduced as a requirement of developments such as All-IP. As these new technologies also bring new attack vectors with them, IT security has to develop comprehensive solutions to guarantee secure operation. The SIP module is available as a genuscreen option. It uses a rigorous specialized test procedure to ensure data communication is only allowed after the connection has been fully analyzed and found to be secure. The SIP module can also be used for SSL/TLS connections. The module uses Session Border Control (SBC) functions to prevent attacks against telephones and telephone systems, and allows the implementation of security guidelines. In addition, the SIP module ensures interoperability of systems that for example use different encryption standards, as well as simplifying certificate administration.

BSI Certified: Highest Seal of Approval

The high quality of the genuscreen firewall is proved through certification by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). We have decided to certify our product at the challenging Common Criteria (CC) level EAL 4+. This level requires full documentation, source code disclosure, and a complete range of tests. Thus, the customer is guaranteed to have bought a security solution of the highest standard.

Certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

Teamwork in Clusters and Centralized Administration

genuscreen is packaged in a variety of hardware configurations to cater to wide-ranging performance requirements. Clusters handle even greater bandwidth and availability requirements: all of our variants can be bundled as high-performance clusters. genuscreen is administered via its own Web-based GUI. Customers using multiple genuscreen firewall & VPN appliances or other genua solutions can manage the full range of systems efficiently via the genucenter Central Management Station. genucenter monitors the current status of each system and can be used to efficiently modify and transfer configurations, and apply updates to entire areas. genuscreen – minimal outlay, top notch network-wide security.

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