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genuscreen Highlights
Firewall VPN Appliance genuscreen S, Hardware
  • High interface security through the stateful packet filter

  • VPN and firewall function approved for German and NATO RESTRICTED, and RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED

  • CC EAL 4+ certification ensures a high quality

Gütesiegel IT-Security made in Germany

genuscreen: Premium Protection for Networks and Data Transfers

Data exchange between various locations via the Internet is cost effective and easy, but must be reliably protected from eavesdroppers and prying eyes. In much the same way, your network also needs to be shielded from Internet hazards. A major requirement is providing secure zones for especially sensitive systems within large networks. Our Firewall & VPN Appliance genuscreen was developed exactly for this purpose – a security solution that creates strongly encrypted virtual private networks (VPN) for data communication via public networks. Sensitive information can be transferred via these connections with high security.

In addition, the high performance genuscreen firewall strictly filters data traffic at the interfaces, and only forwards expressly permitted connections. All other requests are dropped without exception.

The Firewall & VPN Appliance genuscreen has been officially tested to comply with the highest security standards. It has been approved for the encrypted transmission of data up to the German classification level RESTRICTED, and certified to the level EAL 4+ according to Common Criteria (CC).

A High-Security Solution Approved for Restricted Data

genuscreen can create virtual private networks (VPNs) for the secure transfer of data via public networks. Data traverses the Internet through encrypted connections known as VPN tunnels. This method also securely transfers highly sensitive information between distributed locations, with powerful encryption techniques guaranteeing confidentiality. The genuscreen IPsec VPN solution has the official approval of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for classification level Restricted. Official public bodies, military units, and contracting companies with access to classified information therefore can safely use the genuscreen application to conveniently exchange restricted information via the Internet, with security guaranteed by the German Federal Office for Information Security. However, genuscreen is not just for companies in the classified area – any organization will benefit from a high-security VPN appliance approved by an independent organization.

According to the new directive for classified information (Verschlusssachenanweisung), the approval includes the firewall functions in addition to the VPN.

High-Security VPN: Approved for Restricted Data
Site Connections and Internal Security Zones

Convenient VPN Solution for a Range of Requirements

genuscreen offers a host of practical benefits for your VPN needs: expertly applied IPsec functions implement large networks with multiple users via a handful of tunnels. Fully meshed high-performance VPNs are available with easy-to-configure settings and low maintenance and computer capacity overhead. genuscreen also is capable of SSH VPNs to connect very different networks quickly and efficiently. Unlike other VPN technologies, IP addresses here do not need to be synchronized for secure communication between networks. genuscreen receives the data transmitted by the sender, and transfers it via SSH VPN to a second genuscreen appliance in the destination network. The data is then securely transmitted to the recipient, irrespective of whether the sender has an IP address from the same subnet. This enables the seamless encrypted integration of new corporate sites, or of customers and partners with IP addresses outside of your administrative reach.

Your Benefits from genuscreen

  • Sophisticated VPN functionality
  • Firewall and VPN function approved for German and NATO RESTRICTED, and RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED, and OCCAR RESTRICTED
  • Stateful packet filter for high security
  • Bridging firewall for internal security zones
  • Intelligent bandwidth management
  • High bandwidth and availability through clusters
  • Central administration by management station
  • Full IPv6 functionality
  • Quality guaranteed by CC certification
  • Customer service direct from the manufacturer
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