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Encrypted Communication via VPN up to Classification Level "Restricted"

Data communication via the Internet is simple to use and readily available. The Internet can also be used for classified data communication but additional high security requirements have to be met: classified data may only be encrypted and transferred via the Internet using VPN (Virtual Private Network) systems that have been approved at the appropriate security level.

Our VPN solutions are manufactured in Germany, use encryption with the strongest algorithms and have been approved for the German, NATO and EU classification level "Restricted". This covers the large majority of classified data as relatively little information is given a higher classification. Government offices, security services and companies dealing with confidential information can use our VPN solutions to exchange data classified as “Restricted” via the Internet. Additionally, our mobile solutions will allow notebook users “on the road” and those working in their home offices to securely connect to "Restricted" networks.

Our Products for Encrypted Communication via VPN up to "RESTRICTED"

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