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vs-diode Highlights
Datendiode vs-diode, Hardware M
  • High security one-way data transfer across red-black transitions

  • Supported protocols: FTP, SMTP, SNMP Traps, TCP, Elastic Stack and UDP

  • Approval: up to the SECRET classification level

Gütesiegel IT-Security made in Germany

Performance: Quick and Reliable Data Transfer

One firewall system is connected to the black network and receives the data being transferred from the sender. If required, the data can be scanned for viruses and other malicious software on reception to additionally protect the red network. The data is then forwarded via the intermediate filter system to the second firewall, which is connected to the red network. The filter system allows communication in the one direction but blocks all data transfer in the other – with a single exception: a final status message, indicating that all data has been properly received, is sent from the second to the first firewall. This minimal feedback is required by the FTP, SMTP and TCP protocols in order to ensure rapid and secure data transfer.

The data transfer from the black into the red network through the vs-diode

Image of the data transfer from the black into the red network through the vs-diode

Security by Design for Maximum Security

How does this minimal feedback channel affect the security level? Other diode solutions intentionally avoid using a feedback channel in order to physically exclude any return flow of data. The vs-diode uses modern technology to solve this challenge: The key diode function – which only has a few hundred lines of program code – runs on a microkernel operating system that has been reduced to an absolute minimum. The complexity of the diode processes thus has been reduced to a minimum, making them simple to analyze. The entire code can be examined and formally verified to ensure there are no errors in this key component.

Configuring Important Applications for High Security

Use the vs-diode to securely configure reliable, high-speed data transfers from black to red networks. Examples are:

  • connecting e-mail systems
  • mirroring databases for GIS and FüInfoSys
  • streaming video and radar data
  • transfer of data for anti-virus and software updates

User-Friendly Operation and Customer Service

The vs-diode is easy to operate due to its minimalist construction. Even a configuration error cannot allow a security vulnerability to open up – the static diode function cannot be overcome. Nevertheless we will be happy to assist you with installation and support – a service straight from genua, the manufacturer.

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