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Customer Requirements Precisely Met

genua Mitarbeiter beim IPv6 Security Workshop 2013

Sometimes, customized software is unavoidable: in cases where important processes cannot be covered or are covered only inadequately by standard solutions, the development of a customized software program is the right approach to take. In the field of IT security, we guarantee that our customized solutions will match your requirements exactly when the project is completed. We can offer this assurance on the basis of our many years of experience, and because the method we follow in projects calls for a regular exchange of information with users, thus ruling out the possibility of undesirable developments.

Specialists for IT Security

We really know our way around IT security. Since genua was founded in 1992, we have focused on this challenge with all its many facets, and have succeeded in setting repeated benchmarks with our security solutions: our firewalls, for example, were the first that could be used in high-availability clusters, and they have been certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

IT Security in Practice

An extremely important area for us is product development, while another is the day-to-day approach to security matters in practice: in addition to managing projects, for many of our customers, we also take on responsibility for the ongoing administration of their networks. This has given us many years experience with virtually every issue in the field of network security, and we know exactly what the priorities are for our industrial and public-sector customers.

Combining Professional Expertise and User Knowledge

In order to develop an efficient solution, our expertise needs to be combined with your user knowledge. However, this important exchange process should not be restricted to just the initial project conception and one or two key milestones. We involve you in the project process itself, with our agile development ­method "Scrum," thus ensuring that we get regular feedback from you.

Customers are Integrated

We use Scrum in all our development projects. This method is based on the awareness that self-organized teams can process complex tasks more successfully than project groups that are controlled within a strict hierarchical structure. With this approach, all the team members take responsibility for the work packages they have marked out for themselves, thus ensuring that product quality is high. The ongoing cooperation with you also helps in this context: every two weeks, the team presents the current status of development work in the form of an executable CD. You can then test your solution and, if necessary, insist on changes or even request subsequent additional features. In this way, we achieve a very high level of customer satisfaction and ensure that, at the end of the day, you get exactly the solution that will meet your requirements.

Your Competent Partner for Customized Solutions

If our approach inspires your confidence, we will be glad to assist you as a competent partner with the development of your customized software. We can provide comprehensive support for your project, from its conception, development, and installation to ongoing support and training for your staff.

Your Benefits from our Customized Software Development

  • Exact realization of your requirements
  • Regular tests and approval of important development steps
  • Comprehensive aid from conception up to continuing support

More Information about Customized Development

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