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Cloud Security Gateway Highlights
  • Maximum security through content inspection at the cloud-Internet interface

  • High performance through the use of any number of gateway instances

  • Minimal administration effort thanks to simple scaling and configuration

Gütesiegel IT-Security made in Germany

Maximum Security and Performance for Cloud Users

Work more efficiently, reduce costs, react quickly to meet new requirements – you want to gain the advantages of using the cloud but are still concerned about security? Our virtual Cloud Security Gateway allows you to stay secure while using cloud technology. The gateway is positioned at the highly sensitive cloud-Internet interface and watches over all of the traffic. Most importantly, the content of the data stream is analyzed at the application level. You achieve a uniquely high level of security for your cloud data and applications.

Thorough Inspection of Data Contents

The virtual Cloud Security Gateway is based on Application Level Gateway technology from the High Resistance Firewall genugate. This firewall system inspects the contents of the data stream, with incoming packets being reassembled and the contents analyzed by the inspection software. The Cloud Security Gateway is equipped with numerous high quality inspection applications so that it is able to thoroughly inspect a wide variety of protocols and applications as well as decrypting and analyzing TSL encrypted data. In this way it is able to reliably recognize and block unwanted content and malicious software.

Content Analysis Makes the Difference

Cloud Security Gateway Overview
High Performance Through the Use of Any Number of Gateway Instances

Its thorough data inspection sets the Cloud Security Gateway apart from other solutions such as packet filters and next generation firewalls, which only inspect a number of formal criteria or samples from the contents. The Cloud Security Gateway’s technological affinity with the genugate firewall guarantees that our customers are using top security technology: The security provided by the genugate is regularly certified by the Federal German Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI) according to the Common Criteria standard at the EAL 4+ level. The genugate’s uniquely high resistance against direct attack is regularly noted.

Cloud Security and Optimal Performance at All Times

The virtualization of the Cloud Security Gateway guarantees, in conjunction with your cloud platform, optimal performance with low administrative effort: The Cloud Security Gateway achieves a data throughput of up to 700 Mbit/s per core. If the data throughput at the interface should increase beyond this level, the cloud management will automatically start further gateway instances that will later be deactivated when the throughput sinks. You can operate as many instances as required to meet your performance requirements. The additional instances are directly configured via the cloud platform. Individual configuration of the gateway can also be carried out via a REST interface.

Well Informed Thanks to Comprehensive Logging

Keep informed about what is happening at your sensitive cloud-Internet interface. The Cloud Security Gateway will provide the information you need with log files being kept for all processes that occur at the interface. These files can be readily evaluated as well as used with additional tools.

Adaptation for Further Cloud Environments

The virtual gateway is configured for securing OpenStack-based clouds. If required, we will adapt this solution for other cloud environments. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Your Benefits from Cloud Security Gateway:

  • Maximum security through content inspection at the cloud-Internet interface
  • High performance through the use of any number of gateway instances
  • Comprehensive logging and extensive analysis capabilities
  • IT security technology made in Germany and based on a firewall certified according to the Common Criteria standard
  • Low administration effort
  • Customer service direct from the manufacturer
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