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genucenter Highlights
Management Station genucenter, Hardware M
  • Central administration of the genua security solutions

  • A clearly arranged browser GUI for convenient operation

  • Consequent enforcement of policies in the entire network

Gütesiegel IT-Security made in Germany

Central Management Station

Using the Central Management Station pays off – the administrative effort is reduced, and the security level improves. The advantages increase with a given network's complexity. Even the admins of small networks definitely will be relieved of numerous tasks by using central management ? they can be sure of that!

Conveniently Administrate Complex Networks

Hierarchical management is a major genucenter feature. No matter how complex your company structure, our management system can precisely map a network structure organigram from the company headquarters down to individual departments at various locations.

Individual permissions can be defined for specific areas, e.g. which workstation may access which server. Systems can be combined to a tree structure to easily inherit configurations and speed up administration. In addition, company wide rules can be defined. For example, employees can be limited to connecting to the main office exclusively by a predefined VPN, and only access certain applications there. Centralized and concise management helps you to strictly enforce even the most complex rules.

Distribute Tasks with Domains of Responsibility

genucenter lets you delegate specific roles or groups of tasks: For example, one admin can handle firewalls in Germany only, while the other is limited to taking care of international VPN connections etc. A changelog makes every modification traceable in terms of time and responsible person. Sales partners and consultants for genua products can use this interesting feature. With the organization of appliances in domains you are able to manage a huge number of security appliances, each customer seperated from the other. Moreover the revisor account gives your customers the opportunity to monitor every change in theire network. The revisior account is not able to alter any configuration, making it perfectly fit for the role of a security representative.

Graphical user inteface Central Management Station genucenter

Increased Security Based on a High-Level Overview

Risk factors cannot always be avoided, but you can keep an eye on them. genucenter merges all information of the managed security systems and concisely displays it on modern web interfaces: from ranging from software, configuration, and patch versions, over the status of VPN connections up to error messages. This helps you to always stay on top of your IT security and quickly react to problems. Based on unified logging, all genua security solutions speak a common and unambiguous language, thus removing the need for time-consuming interpretation of various error messages. Problem solution can commence immediately.

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