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genubox Highlights
Remote Service Appliance genubox S, Hardware
  • Reliable securing of remote maintenance access

  • Live following and video recording of all remote maintenance activities

  • Convenient operation using a Windows app

Gütesiegel IT-Security made in Germany

Secure Access to Sensitive Networks

Companies with a large number of machines on the one hand, and providers of remote maintenance on the other, are faced with the need to set up an increasing number of remote maintenance connections. In doing this, they must bear in mind that most of the machines being monitored are integrated in local area networks (LANs). This means remote maintenance service providers need to have access to external company networks. This touches directly on the sensitive area of IT security: If unauthorized persons or malicious codes manage to hack into the LAN via this maintenance access, this can have serious consequences – not least for the relationship between the remote maintenance provider and the customer. Additional requirements for remote maintenance solutions are comfortable operation and administration and simple integration in existing networks.

Remote maintenance of robotized automation avoids breakdowns and costs
Remote maintenance of robotized automation avoids breakdowns and costs

Secure Connection: Rendezvous in the Customer's DMZ

genua has developed a solution that allows you to keep a close eye on all maintenance access. The concept: One-way access to external networks is not permitted. Instead, at an agreed time, the remote maintenance provider and the customer create VPN connections to a server in a demilitarized zone (DMZ), i.e. outside their own networks. The customer or the service provider can place this server in his DMZ. A continuous connection is created only once the rendezvous has been established on the server. This connection now allows the remote maintenance provider to access the machine that is being monitored. In this process, the maintenance connection allows access only to the machine being monitored, since the genubox uses its firewall function to isolate this area from the rest of the LAN.

Rendezvous in the Service Provider's DMZ

Image of the Rendezvous in the service provider's DMZ

This rendezvous solution makes it possible for both service providers and companies with a large number of machines to operate as many remote maintenance connections as they like, conveniently and with the highest level of security.

Keeping an Eye on Remote Access at all Times

The genubox has a monitoring function to allow customers to – understandably – keep an eye on external access to their networks. This also allows customers to follow and if required record on video all remote maintenance service activities live via the operating interface. The genubox allows machines and IT systems to be conveniently monitored and maintained by remote access, without the external access endangering the IT security.

Easy Administration via a Central Management Station

The genubox is administrated via its local GUI or the Central Management Station genucenter, making it easy for you to operate installations of any size. E.g. for a machine manufacturer, this means you can monitor your installations all over the world via remote access, with minimal outlay and in the comfort of your main office. Your customers will be sure to appreciate this prompt and cost-efficient service.

Industrial Hardware for the Toughest Conditions

Various hardware models permit the use of genubox in any environment: Compact appliance without any fans or shock-sensitive hard drives are completely maintenance-free, and will perform reliably even under the toughest enviromental conditions. This industrial hardware can easily be installed on DIN rails, used in server racks, or run as standalone solutions. More powerful rack server systems are available for higher requirements. Systems can be clustered for high availability solutions. If one system fails, the other takes over its functions immediately, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation.

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