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genubox Highlights
Fernwartungs-Appliance genubox S
  • Reliable securing of remote maintenance access

  • Live following and video recording of all remote maintenance activities

  • Convenient operation using a Windows app

Remote Maintenance with genubox: an Intelligent Solution for any Location

The genubox can provide you with extremely secure remote maintenance access just about anywhere in the world. This rugged appliance can be installed, for example, on the diesel engines of ocean-going ships, on industrial robots or wind turbines or, quite simply, in server rooms – all locations where manufacturers or service providers monitor and provide support by remote access. The genubox ensures security when maintenance is required: it establishes an encrypted connection for data transfer and uses its firewall function to restrict external access exclusively to the system being maintained. This means that other sensitive networks the customer has cannot be accessed via the maintenance access point.

Keeping an Eye on Remote Access at all Times

The genubox has a monitoring function to allow customers to – understandably – keep an eye on external access to their networks. This also allows customers to follow and if required record on video all remote maintenance service activities live via the operating interface. The genubox allows machines and IT systems to be conveniently monitored and maintained by remote access, without the external access endangering the IT security.

Securing Automated Processes

The genubox is also intended for use in securing fully automated Industry 4.0 production processes. Even though all machines and systems along the production chain in these processes are linked with one another, not every node in the chain should be able to communicate with all the others all of the time. The genubox allows you to regulate communication and restrict it in sensitive areas in order to protect against unauthorized access and the spreading of malicious software. The genubox is designed to be added into existing networks, its integration is simple: you do not have to make changes to your network configuration.

Your Benefits from genubox

  • Reliable securing of remote maintenance access
  • Encrypted file transfer using VPN technology – Made in Germany
  • Connections via all terrestrial networks, and also satellite
  • Convenient operation using a Windows app
  • Mobile remote access also via smartphone and tablet PC
  • Segregated maintenance area due to firewall function
  • Live following and video recording of all remote maintenance activities
  • Central administration via management station
  • Simple integration into existing networks
  • High availability through clusters
  • Maintenance-free industrial hardware
  • Customer service direct from the manufacturer