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genucard Highlights
Personal Security Device genucard
  • Secure connection of home offices or small locations

  • Plug & Play on laptops and PCs, independent of the operating system

  • Approval for classification levels German and NATO Restricted and Restreint UE

Gütesiegel IT-Security made in Germany

genucard: High Level IT Security for Mobile Users

The genucard allows your employees to access your network securely, regardless of where they are working at home or from branch offices or when traveling on business. This compact personal security device is easily connected to any laptop or PC by USB and secures all external data communication: A firewall checks whether the connection is allowed and a virtual private network (VPN) gateway establishes an encrypted VPN for data transfer to and from the access point in your company network. The VPN connection can be made in a number of ways – Ethernet, WLAN / Hot Spots or cell / mobile phone network. Authentication and key handling can then take place using a smartcard.

Autonomous Card Guarantees a High Level of Security

An important security feature of the genucard is that it is not installed on the computer it is protecting but runs autonomously on its own hardware, instead, it is installed on an autonomous device with its own operating system, which enables the genucard to remain fully functional even if the laptop has already been compromised through careless handling. This ensures reliable security for your network.

Approved for Classification Level RESTRICTED

The genucard has been certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as meeting the requirements of the German VS-NfD, NATO Restricted und Restreint UE / EU Restricted classifications. This Personal Security Device may therefore be used to encrypt and transfer restricted data via the Internet.

Your Benefits from genucard:

  • Secure connection of home offices or small locations
  • Simple Implementation via USB
  • Plug & Play on laptops and PCs, independent of the operating system
  • Encrypted file transfer using VPN technology – Made in Germany
  • Integrated firewall for controlling connections
  • Authentication and key handling via smartcard
  • Autonomously operating security device
  • Approval for classification levels German and NATO RESTRICTED and Restreint UE
  • Comprehensive support for IPv6
  • Handy appliance with 11 x 11 x 2 centimeter and 130 gram
  • Easy administration via central management station
  • Customer service direct from the manufacturer
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