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cognitix Threat Defender Highlights
cognitix Threat Defender, Hardware M, genua GmbH
  • Dynamic network segmentation with artificial intelligence and data analytics

  • Automatic analysis, detection and reaction with behavior-based real-time correlation

  • Real-time analysis and management of devices with asset tracking

Gütesiegel IT-Security made in Germany

Modern Network Protection with AI and Data Analytics

In addition to the dangers of cyber attacks from the outside, networks are also increasingly threatened from within by advanced persistent threats and zero days. One solution is provided by intrusion prevention systems that detect anomalies and attack patterns in the LAN and automatically intervene in the event of danger.

The innovative cognitix Threat Defender goes beyond intrusion prevention. With AI, data analytics and threat intelligence capabilities, it builds a second line of defense in the network to complement your firewall solutions that control and secure traffic at the interfaces. Opt now for intelligent network security – from the inside and outside.

Automatic Analysis, Detection and Reaction with Behavior-Based Real-Time Correlation

cognitix Threat Defender analyzes the entire data traffic in your network. Its highly effective anomaly detection is based on two pillars: It detects suspicious behavior through behavior-based real-time correlation of past and present data streams, while the latest threat intelligence supports risk assessment.

Threat Defender automatically derives and dynamically applies granular security policies for threat prevention. This enables it to prevent attacks before they cause damage and spread across your network.

Benefit from these Advantages:

  • Forward-looking network security with artificial intelligence, data analytics, and threat intelligence
  • A wide range of applications, from classic corporate networks through to critical infrastructure and Industry 4.0
  • Easy integration within your existing solutions
  • Efficient use of resources: Experts strengthen trust in the network in a smart way
  • Transparent cost models for small and large networks

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Dynamic Network Segmentation with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

With artificial intelligence and data analytics, cognitix Threat Defender groups network participants into dynamic network objects according to their behavior. It reacts automatically to changed or unwanted behavior and can deny conspicuous network participants access to certain resources – without manual intervention.

Real-Time Analysis and Management of Devices with Asset Tracking

IT security requires complete transparency. cognitix Threat Defender recognizes and manages all devices on the network using IP and MAC addresses. Specific metadata are added to the information obtained for this purpose. In this way, security guidelines can be created and applied for individual devices and their respective applications. This possibility also exists for device groups, for example for computers with Windows operating systems.

Access to Global Threat Data from Current Sources

The IT security situation is constantly changing, and so are the risks for your network security. In order to develop effective security policies, cognitix Threat Defender has access to early warnings and the latest threat information. Threat intelligence updates include vulnerability and attack indicators, data from intrusion prevention systems, and application signatures. Threat Defender obtains these from free and commercial data sources.

Comprehensive Monitoring with Drill Down Reporting

GUI of the cognitix Threat Defender
Interactive visualization gives you control over your network

The interactive real-time reporting ranges from an overview of network traffic to individual user and application details. With over 600 interactive matrices and diagrams, you can quickly and effectively analyze your network from a variety of angles, including communication source and destination, IP addresses, applications, and protocols.

Easy Integration in Your Network

cognitix Threat Defender does not require your existing routing infrastructure to be adapted in any way, and can be easily and flexibly integrated into your network. It is available as software with an attractive license model or with suitable hardware for the respective application. We will be happy to inform you about the system requirements for use on your existing hardware.

The cognitix Threat Defender in your network
cognitix Threat Defender: Flexible integration into your network

Support Directly from the Manufacturer

cognitix Threat Defender is constantly evolving to protect your organization from cyber threats. We provide you with the latest product information and updates on a regular basis.

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