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genuwall Highlights
Industrial Firewall genuwall, Hardware XSi
  • Security zones ensure highly effective protection for your production network

  • Rapid and straightforward integration into existing networks

  • A high availability and scalable solution

Gütesiegel IT-Security made in Germany

High Grade Security for Production Networks

An industrial firewall ensures top-quality IT security: it allows data in a production area to be available at all times and ensures confidentiality and integrity. The use of industrial firewalls is recommended by leading industrial organizations – they provide an effective defense against cyber attacks and malicious industrial software which can spread through a network at any time. The consequences of such an attack or infection could include malfunctioning of plant and machinery, expensive standstills, delivery problems and last but not least, damage to your reputation.

Effective Protection through Segmentation

Production networks with a simple security architecture offer a maximum vulnerability to attackers and malicious software: all components and data in the network are endangered if the central firewall is breached. The implementation of zones can prevent a complete production infrastructure being compromised. Increasing the number of zones reduces the potential dangers. Security problems can be detected more easily – and the time lost, the damage suffered and the costs resulting from a compromised system are reduced. In addition, a proven risk reduction solution for your production systems improves your positions in security and supplier audits.

Ideally Equipped with the Industrial Firewall genuwall

The Industrial Firewall genuwall enables you to implement highly effective barriers against attacks to your production networks (LAN, WAN and VLAN). Depending on the protection required, security zones can be configured for individual machines, complete production systems or production areas. The genuwall organizes the separation, with the firewall reliably regulating all data traffic and only allowing those connections that are explicitly wanted. It handles more than simply routing: the firewall can, for example, be added to a network as an invisible stealth system without the need to change an IP address and then used in bridging mode to implement internal security zones. To this end it can provide DHCP, DNS and NTP services, ensuring comfortable administration of your network. Source and destination NAT mean that identical IP address ranges can be easily integrated in a production network. In addition, internal network IP addresses can be hidden from the outside.

Your Benefits from genuwall:

  • Highly effective protection for your production networks through security zones
  • Simple implementation of sub-networks
  • Very suitable for large production infrastructures
  • Support for communication and telemetry protocols such as OPC UA, Modbus/TCP and MQTT
  • Modbus/TCP conformity check and traffic analysis
  • A scalable high availability solution that can be quickly and easily integrated
  • Central, simple and time-saving administration
  • IT Security made in Germany, based on a solution certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security
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