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genugate Highlights
High Resistance Firewall genugate, Hardware M
  • Maximum security at interfaces through the two-tier firewall system


  • CC EAL 4+ certification ensures a high quality

Gütesiegel IT-Security made in Germany

The Only Highly Resistant Firewall Worldwide

We submitted the genugate firewall release 8.0, as five previous versions, to the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for certification. The independent experts have examined the system at the challenging level EAL4 according to the international Common Criteria (CC) standard. For that purpose, full and detailed documentation was compiled on how the security targets were reliably reached by the firewall in spite of all hazards. Level EAL4 certification demands full disclosure of the entire source code, as well as extensive tests of system effectivity. The code examination ensured that all security functions of the system were correctly implemented. The result was certification at the level EAL 4+ with the added rating as Highly Resistant.

Certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

Highest Level for Complex Systems

What exactly is the significance of EAL 4+ certification with the additional classification of "Highly Resistant"? EAL 4 is the first level to include a source code examination, and concurrently is the highest level that can reasonably be applied to an entire system as complex as a firewall. The addition "+" indicates however, that level EAL 4 has been surpassed for certain criteria. genugate has achieved this in part by its handling of patches. However, this is a criterion other manufacturers also could fulfil in order to improve their certification level with a "+".

Self-Protection at Level EAL 7

Far more important for your IT security is the fact that genugate meets even higher standards when it comes to self-protection: the firewall provides systematic dual protection using two different security mechanisms for all potential points of attack, such as interfaces. As a result, the system is highly resistant to direct and intelligently carried out attacks – its security capabilities correspond with the evaluation assurance level AVA_VAN.5, and comply with EAL level 7 requirements.

High Resistance to Attacks

This is a decisive point: the firewall itself has to be reliably secured against attack in order to provide the same continual degree of security to the network it protects. Based on this exceptional security performance, the BSI classified the genugate as "Highly Resistant" – the only firewall in the world to achieve this rating.

BSI Seal of Approval: Successful Certifications

genua uses the certifications by the BSI as continuous quality assurance. According to this five previous releases of the genugate firewall have already been certified by the BSI: genugate 7.0, 6.3 and 6.0 as well to CC, the releases 5.0 and 4.0 still according to the standard ITSEC. These successful BSI certifications are continuous proof of the genugate firewall's high quality, and guarantee our customers they have bought a comprehensive, robust, and highly secure firewall solution.

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