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cyber-diode Highlights
Datendiode cyber-diode, Hardware Si
  • High security one-way data transfer across sensitive interfaces

  • Reliable, high speed data transfer via FTP, SMTP, TCP, UDP and Syslog protocols

  • Up to 1 Gbit/s data throughput

Gütesiegel IT-Security made in Germany

High Security Monitoring of Plant, Machinery, and Critical Infrastructure

Maschinery and industrial plants are increasingly connected to the internet due to the compelling advantages: central and continuous monitoring of operating and sensor data. This enables for example predictive maintenance, you are able to react on small changes and carry out the necessary maintenance before serious damages or even breakdowns occur.

Network Control System Protection

All plants and machinery that send data over the Internet are, in principle, also vulnerable. This means that networked systems have to be protected from infection by malware and other forms of unauthorized access. It should also be clear that there is a particularly high protection requirement for systems that control critical infrastructure or other plant where incorrect functioning could lead to extensive damage or loss of life. Examples here would be power station turbines, chemical production plant and production line industrial robots.

Example Applications for the cyber-diode

Grafische Darstellung der Funktion der CyberDiode
One-way data transfer from plant or machinery over the Internet to a central control panel or external service provider
Grafische Darstellung der Funktion der CyberDiode
One-way data transfer between different security zones within a production network

One-Way Data Transfer with the cyber-diode

The cyber-diode can be used to minimize the risks of networking highly critical control systems. The cyber-diode monitors network connections and only allows one-way data transfer – information flow in the opposite direction is completely blocked. Once protected by the data diode, plant, machinery and IT systems can send data via the Internet without risking their integrity.

Your Benefits from cyber-diode:

  • High-security one-way data transfer across sensitive interfaces
  • Reliable transfer of data, log files, backups and e-mails
  • Support of FTP, SMTP, TCP, UDP and Syslog protocols
  • Up to 1 Gbit/s data throughput
  • Security by Design – exclusion of configuration errors
  • Customer service direct from the manufacturer
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