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vs-diode Highlights
Datendiode vs-diode, Hardware M
  • High security one-way data transfer across red-black transitions

  • Reliable data transfer via FTP, SMTP and TCP

  • Up to 1 Gbit/s data throughput

Gütesiegel IT-Security made in Germany

vs-diode for reliable and high Performance One-Way Data Transfer

High security public authority and government networks are strictly segregated to ensure that no classified information can leak. Nevertheless data from less secure, so-called black networks is still required in classified red ones. Typical data examples are e-mails, database or video information, or updates for anti-virus or other software. We have developed the vs-diode to allow direct data transfer into red networks without compromising security. This solution only allows data transfer in one direction – from black to red. Flow in the opposite direction is consequently blocked, ensuring that classified data cannot cross the interface to the black network.

A top performance and reliability

An important feature of the vs-diode is its high performance and reliability in one-way data transfer, achieving up to 1 GBit/s throughput using the FTP protocol for file transfer, SMTP for e-mails, and generic TCP. How do we achieve this? Our solution is not a physical diode but based on the L4 microkernel operating system. The diode function is minimally programmed and therefore simple to examine for correct functioning. In addition to the one-way data transfer, it also allows the operation of a feedback channel in the opposite direction that is strictly constrained to sending status information. This information is required by the FTP, SMTP and TCP protocols in order to ensure rapid and secure data transfer. This means that the vs-diode can provide high performance file transfer – without sacrificing security.

Approval at the SECRET level expected

The vs-diode is intended to allow government services, the military and companies handling classified information to carry out file transfers in highly sensitive networks. The central security system of the vs-diode is simple to inspect as the diode function requires little program code. Therefore we expect that the data diode will be approved up to the SECRET classification level – the approval procedure is currently underway at the Federal German Office for Information Security.

Your Benefits from vs-diode

  • High security one-way data transfer across red-black transitions
  • Reliable data transfer via FTP, SMTP and TCP
  • Up to 1 Gbit/s data throughput
  • Currently being approved for the German classification level "SECRET"
  • Customer service straight from the manufacturer
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