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Safe Exchange of Data in the Home Office: genua Presents genucard Home

The IT Security Device genucard Home uses Plug & Play to Protect against Cyber-Espionage, Sabotage, Data Tampering and Theft.

Kirchheim, November 25, 2020. genua, the German specialist for IT security and a company of the Bundesdruckerei Group, offers home office users genucard Home, a self-contained Personal Security Device for the protection of their data communication. The security solution is approved up to German classification level "Restricted" by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

genucard Home Protects Confidential Data in the Home Office

These days, a lot of employees are accessing internal company networks via the Internet from home in order to access confidential information or use software applications. If there is a lack of protection, this access can be the Achilles' heel for IT security. Insufficiently protected remote desktops, improvised workflows or access to company data via private computer systems give hackers a window of opportunity. After successfully breaching a home office computer, they will be in a position to expand their cyber attack to the entire network of the company or organization.

To prevent this risk, genua developed the Personal Security Device genucard Home. genucard Home can be connected to any laptop or PC via Ethernet using Plug & Play and enables secure access to the employee's internal network. Installed as security systems on the genucard Home are a firewall for connection monitoring within and outside of the VPN and a highly secure VPN gateway for smooth data communication on all devices.

As soon as genucard Home is activated, it creates a strongly encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) for the remote peer configured in the network. All data traffic will then only take place via this highly secure data connection. In the home office you can work with WLAN or Ethernet.

Authentication via Smart Card

Additional security features are authentication and key handling using a smart card. A supplied smart-card reader can be connected via USB. Without knowing the PIN and possessing the smart card, no one can initiate a connection to the internal network.

"genucard Home offers another important advantage. The security device it is not installed on the computer that it is supposed to protect: it works independently and uses its own operating system," explains Kai Dörnemann, Head of Product Planning at genua. "As a result, our solution is reliable even if the computer has already been compromised with malicious software due to careless handling."

Approval for Classification Level RESTRICTED

genucard Home is approved up to German classification level "Restricted" by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as well as for NATO RESTRICTED and RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED. Official public bodies, military units, and companies with access to classified information can therefore use the security device to ensure that employees working from home have secure and convenient access to data with the corresponding protection status. According to the new directive for classified information (Verschlusssachenanweisung, VSA), the approval includes the firewall function in addition to the VPN.

About genua

genua GmbH is an enabler of the digital transformation. We secure sensitive IT networks in the public and enterprise sectors, for critical infrastructure organizations and in industries with an obligation to maintain secrecy with highly secure and scalable cyber security solutions. In doing so, genua GmbH focuses on the comprehensive protection of networks, communication and internal network security for IT and OT. The range of solutions spans from firewalls & gateways, VPNs, remote maintenance systems, internal network security and cloud security to remote access solutions for mobile employees and home offices. genua GmbH is a subsidiary of the Bundesdruckerei Group. With more than 300 employees, it develops and produces IT security solutions exclusively in Germany. Since the founding of the company in 1992, regular certifications and approvals from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) provide proof of the high security and quality standards of the products. Customers include, among others, Arvato Systems, BMW, the German Armed Services, THW as well as the Würth Group.

Further information & Contact

Alexandra Korolija, Head of Communication

Domagkstrasse 7
85551 Kirchheim, Germany

M +49 160 97 953 284

E alexandra_korolija(at)genua.eu

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