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Reference Projects

Industrial and Service Companies

Klüber Lubrication

Klüber Lubrication belongs to the Freudenberg Chemical Specialities Business Group, which produces and distributes a broad spectrum of specialty chemical products world-wide. Klüber is responsible for the IT within the Business Group and relies on solutions and services from genua for its IT security: firewalls secure the five main Group hubs and VPN appliances generate the Virtual Private Network used for transferring encrypted data between subsidiaries through the world. genua ensures that operations run smoothly by providing support for the firewalls and VPN.

MAN Group

MAN, manufacturer of commercial vehicles, engines and mechanical engineering equipment, is a long-standing genua customer. Numerous solutions from genua provide security in the networks of this major enterprise: firewalls protect sensitive network boundaries, VPN systems enable encrypted communication between remote locations and remote maintenance solutions regulate access of external service providers to sensitive areas. The network is maintained and is being extended in cooperation with T-Systems, the MAN IT outsourcing partner.


The privately owned RTL II television company depends on a high availability connection to the Internet and expects their IT security to meet the highest demands. RTL II uses a genua firewall cluster at their LAN-Internet interface, with genua also providing the system management, including the ongoing virus pattern updates.

Würth Group

The Würth Group, world leading traders in connecting and assembly technology, protects their data centre in Künzelsau in Baden-Württemberg with several security systems. The central role here is taken by two-tier firewalls from genua in a high availability cluster. In addition, genua provides the support that ensures the trouble-free functioning of these crucial security systems.

Public Sector and Research Institutions


A strongly encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) was installed for ELSTER – a high-pro file IT project developed under the auspices of the German Tax Authorities for the secure transmission of electronic tax returns. The VPN extends across two central clearing houses in Munich and Düsseldorf that have been set up to receive tax information from citizens and companies, and the 16 state financial administrations. The high traf fic volume at the two main nodes is handled by two large variant genua VPN appliances that communicate with compact systems installed at the 16 state data centers.

Information Network Berlin-Bonn (IVBB)

A secure connection to the Internet is a crucial requirement for the Information Network Berlin-Bonn (IVBB) – the German Federal Government internal network Here genua has installed a powerful, high bandwidth solution: a cluster of four firewalls, with separate servers for virus scanning and web caching. The whole cluster is laid out for high availability with redundant connections, switches with backbone coupling and Layer 4 switches. In addition genua provided comprehensive project management during the installation of the network.

Ansbach Regional Authority

genua developed a policy for the Internet connections of the Ansbach Regional Authority and the local councils according to the Bavarian State Administration security guidelines. These requirements were met with a central firewall, Internet traf fic being routed via a separate proxy with virus scanning and active content filters. An additional SquidGuard solution was integrated as a URL blocker. genua is also responsible for the ongoing administration of this Internet connection and security system.

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkely

genua runs the entire administration operation for the Unix clusters of the research establishment by remote access via the Internet. Further genua realized a high-performance cluster of nine Linux servern.

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