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High-End Solutions for Reliable IT Security

genugate: High Resistance Firewall for Secure Interfaces

The genugate firewall is a multi-tier integrated system: two different firewalls (an application level gateway and a packet filter) run on separate hardware, but are connected in series. Data from the Internet is filtered by each firewall before reaching the LAN. The two-tier evaluation and content analysis by the application level gateway sets genugate apart from many other firewall solutions. The solution has also satisfied the German Federal Of fice for Information Security (BSI), which has certified genugate to the Common Criteria (CC) level EAL 4+. In addition the central security feature self-protection complies with level EAL 7 requirements. genugate is the only firewall worldwide achieving this strong self-protection. This attests the high quality of the genugate firewall.

genuscreen: Firewall & VPN Appliance Approved for RESTRICTED

The Firewall & VPN Appliance genuscreen can take over several tasks: The stateful packet filter checks the data traffic and only accepts explicitly permitted connections – all other requests are consistently denied. Furthermore genuscreen establishes encrypted Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for the secure exchange of confidential data on the public Internet. This VPN function is approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for data of the classification level RESTRICTED. In addition the high quality of genuscreen is proofed by the certification according to the Common Criteria (CC) level EAL 4+.

genucard: Security Device for Mobile Users

The genucard security device is connected via USB with a laptop or desktop computer, protecting all data communication between the mobile user or home of fice and the corporate network. Therefor genucard is equipped with a firewall and a VPN gateway. The special features of the genucard: it runs independently on it's own hardware and the VPN function is approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for data of the classification level RESTRICTED. The administration, particularly of many genucards, can be carried out via a central management station. Thus companies and government organizations can use the solution to secure the access of remote users to their networks.

vs-top and cyber-top: Secure Connections for Personnel on the Move

genua manufactures the vs-top und cyber-top laptops as solutions for mobile personnel requiring secure connections into company and public authority networks. These laptops are equipped with a Windows working environment, firewall and VPN gateway but the most important feature lies a layer deeper: the L4 separation system which runs underneath the working environment and provides a number of isolated compartments. Both the Windows environment and the security systems are each locked into their own compartments and even if malicious software should manage to penetrate the Windows environment, it cannot spread to the separate security systems. These will remain fully functional and continue to ensure security. The vs-top is currently going through the certification procedure for the RESTRICTED security level.

genubox: Appliance for Secure Remote Maintenance Solutions

The remote service appliance genubox allows manufacturers to carry out remote maintenance of plant and IT systems installed on their customer’s sites. The genubox is installed alongside the systems being maintained and uses a VPN gateway to make encrypted connections to the manufacturer’s maintenance service. At the same time the genubox provides a firewall to separate the maintained system from the remainder of the customer’s network. This separation ensures that external access is only allowed to the maintenance area.

Security Gateways and Diodes for Very Sensitive Interfaces

The security gateways and data diodes from genua allow networks of different security levels to be linked together and secure network connections to be made to highly critical control systems. The gateways provide exact control over the flow of information and the diodes only allow data transfer in one direction. This means that it is possible to restrict classified information from flowing into unprotected networks as well as preventing unwanted access to networked control systems.

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