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Advanced Web Categories Filter Protects You from Undesirable Websites

News | 07.05.2019
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The current version 9.4 of the High-Resistance Firewall genugate offers you a new add-on package – Advanced Web Categories. This is a highly developed category filter to control web accesses. The firewall extension is available now, and allows you to block access to websites with specific topics using white and black listing.

Overview of the Most Important Functions

  • Performant big data: Our categorization database is one of the most precise in the industry thanks to machine learning, and contains over 50 million websites.
  • Highly advanced algorithms: Advanced Web Categories technology categorizes IP addresses and entire websites.
  • Short update cycles: Web crawlers constantly visit and classify existing and new websites, provide you with updates several times a day, and in this way always keep your database up to date.
  • High accuracy: Unambiguous categories ensure detailed filtering.
  • Highly performant: Checking time is only approximately 10 milliseconds.
  • Flexible configuration: Access can be controlled via white and black listing.

Benefits to You

  • Effective implementation of policies
  • Defense against attacks and financial damage by blocking URLs
  • Avoidance of liability risks by prohibiting illegal websites
  • Control of undesirable and unsafe web content at the workplace
  • Stops unproductive bandwidth utilization

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