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Data Protection and Privacy

1. Collection and Use of Your Data

The extent and type of collection and use of your data depends upon whether you visit our Internet site only to call up information or whether you make use of the services we offer there:

2. Social Media Plugins

We integrate plug-ins for social media sites on our Internet pages. You will recognize these plug-ins through the social network logos on their associated buttons. The buttons enable you to recommend selected contents from Internet pages to other Internet users via the social network, to add them to your personal profile or otherwise draw attention to them.

These buttons are made available by the social network operators for the purpose of being integrated in other Internet pages. Their integration in our Internet pages means that cookies that are stored on your computer will open a connection to the servers of the social network in question. In turn, this means that your IP address will be forwarded to the social network, even if you do not click on any of these buttons. You can stop this from happening by configuring the appropriate settings in your browser.

If you are logged into your profile on one of these social networks during your visit to our Internet site, the network operator may collect and store additional data about your visit to our site. We recommend that, if you do not want such an association to be made, you log off any social network before visiting our Internet site. As the Internet site operator, we want to inform you that we do not know which data is being forwarded or the use that it is put to.

Ask the operator(s) of the social network(s) in question about the processing and use of your data.

3. Data Security

When you fill out a form on one of our Internet pages, the data will be sent using the secure hypertext transmission protocol (HTTPS). We do this in order to prevent unauthorized access by third parties. In addition, we take a variety of technical and organizational security measures to protect all personal data generated or created, in particular against accidental or deliberate manipulation, loss or destruction and against attacks form unauthorized persons. We upgrade the security measures we take on an ongoing basis in line with technological developments.

4. Analysis service

Piwik – an Open Source web analysis tool ( – is used on this web site. Piwik is used to gather marketing and optimization data, which it then transfers to our server and saves for usage analysis. Among this data are the IP addresses of visitors to this site, which are made anonymous immediately after the data has been processed and before it is saved. This data can be used to create a usage profile under a pseudonym. In addition, cookies may be used. These are small text files that are locally saved in the cache of a user’s Internet browser and allow the browser to be recognized. The data gathered with Piwik will not be used to personally identify the user without the user's specific agreement. The data will also not be brought together with any personally identifiable data. If you do not agree with our continuing to save and evaluate your usage data in this manner, you can revoke your consent at any time by clicking on the link below. In this case a so-called opt-out cookie will be saved in your browser, which will prevent Piwik from collecting any usage data at all. Note that if you should delete the cookies in your browser this will also cause the opt-out cookie to be deleted and make it necessary for you to opt out once again.