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With Great Things Ahead

A lot has happened in IT since genua was founded 25 years ago: in January 1992 there were 727.000 computers connected to the Internet, today the Internet is everywhere; then, the Michelangelo virus, which was only able to spread via floppy disks, was creating a lot of attention – now over 390,000 new items of malicious software are registered in the Internet daily. The possibilities of IT also fueled fantasy in the sector: this led to a lot of great ideas but also to bubbles that inevitably burst. During these 25 years of rapid development, genua has rigorously stayed on course and the spin-off from three physicists from the Technical University of Munich has become an important manufacturer of top quality IT security. In 2015, genua became a member of the Bundesdruckerei Group of companies and aquired a strong partner at its side.

The Managing Directors of genua: Marc Tesch and Matthias Ochs (left to right)
The Managing Directors of genua: Marc Tesch and Matthias Ochs (left to right)

Increasing Customer Confidence

Today genua has over 200 employees working at the company’s main site at Kirchheim and at branches in Berlin, Cologne and Stuttgart. This allows us to be close to our customers, who trust our solutions and competence. Our customers range from large corporations to small-sized companies, as well government bodies and security services. Today IT security in critical areas has become a task of national importance and genua counts here as a strategic partner of the Federal Republic of Germany. We place a lot of value on the trust of our customers, which is the result of many years of dedicated working together.

Training – an Investment in the Future

The first 25 years have passed, how do we continue to build on our good position? In that we invest a lot: around 15 % of our employees are either trainees or dual system students. This means that we train young people to be experts and offer them interesting perspectives. Many of the colleagues that started at genua as trainees are with us today – some in management positions or senior technical roles. Our training people for a range of professions means that we are constructively responding to the shortage of skilled personnel in the IT sector.

Investment in Research

genua also makes a considerable investment in research: the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and quantum computers are all coming and will present IT security with new challenges. We are working with universities, research institutes and other companies in numerous projects, so that we will be able to continue to provide top-quality responses to these challenges. Together with our partners we have, for example, developed a digital signature that will withstand the calculating ability of a quantum computer as well as new procedures for the early recognition and defense against advanced persistent threats. These developments are key IT security building blocks that we will be integrating into our ongoing product development.

Advanced Technology – the Key to Top-Quality Security

We have repeatedly managed to develop relevant solutions that have set new standards for IT security. For example, we are producing new solutions for mobile users and industrial security that are based on a microkernel separation system, are user-friendly and meet the highest security requirements. This technology will enable us to develop many other security solutions and ensure that our customers will continue to be able to rely on our solutions and services well into the future.

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