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Our Philosophy

Bedruckte Flagge mit dem genua Feuerfisch Motiv

Specialist for IT Security

We do what we know best: genua is specialized on IT security and high-level support of the demanding customer. We focus on the manufacturing sector and agencies. Our goal is to be the very best. To do so, we will constantly continue to concentrate on our specialties.

In order to live up to our goals, we adhere to our corporate philosophy based on five points. In short, these are:


genua is not only a manufacturer. We also act as a service provider. Our staff is in continuous contact with customers and knows exactly what they want. This is of particular importance for us, as this is the way to provide our customers with the best possible IT security and to gear our solutions towards their requirements. We are not interested in hit-and-run sales. Instead, we emphasize long-term customers relations.


We need highly qualified staff to develop complex solutions for continuously changing requirements. Their know-how is the basis of genua's success. We offer various training opportunities and flexible working hours. In return, they must accept responsibility within our flat hierarchy. In addition, we stress the importance of the vocational training of young people – our trainee quota always exceeds 15 percent. And our promise is that even in economically difficult times we will find a better way than cut down staff!


We enjoy working with advanced technologies. This field is our greatest strength, and we will only market products we are convinced of. When developing our products, we strive to break new ground to find better solutions. To achieve this, we are willing to take the time we need to find a different and better way. Thus, genua can offer unique products with useful features.


A solid foundation is important. genua is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bundesdruckerei. This means that we have the backing of a strong and reliable partner. genua will operate independently in the market and we will finance growth from our own resources. This development will allow us to continue to develop our own ideas and determine the course that the company follows as well as ensuring that long term continuity and stability are a secure part of genua.

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All the points above form our strategy: genua emphasizes long-term concepts and action. We also are ready to swim against the prevailing current if we see a future benefit in it. All in all, we want to focus on our further development as specialists for IT security, and continue our independent growth. We explicitly do not strive for the position of a global player.

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