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Childcare Wanted by genua Staff

A survey we carried out at genua in 2008 gave us a surprise result: although 80 % of our employees are male they expressed a wish for professional childcare that was convenient for their work.

We then did some research and found out that the possibility of support from the region also applied when the supporting organization was a company. After our submission to the municipal authority in Kirchheim was approved, we were able to start with planning our Kindergarten. genua managed the genukids project completely in-house: from negotiations with local politicians, authorities and trades people through to the conversion of the premises, finding staff and finally opening the doors.

Our kindergarten is based on a concept we worked out ourselves, based on the needs of all those involved. A central point was an educational approach that was implemented by specialists. The kindergarten is open all day and thereby meets both the needs of the families and their employer. genua checks and assures quality and viability and the surrounding district also profits from the additional childcare positions available.

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