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genua is an Expert for the Protection of Complex and Critical Digital Infrastructures of Companies and Public Organizations.

COVID-19: genua Continues to Be There for You

With some restrictions, our business continues to operate during the crisis situation. The majority of our employees are currently working from home. Even before the pandemic, working remotely was a popular option for us – one for which our infrastructure is appropriately equipped. For employees who work at our branch offices, we have devised a coordinated hygiene concept that is implemented systematically.


An Industrial Data Diode for Especially Critical Plants and Processes

For monitoring or for process optimization, well-isolated production plants also need to be digitally networked. For especially critical plants, a direct connection is, however, extremely problematic. Security concerns therefore frequently outweigh the automation advantages. cyber-diode from genua represents a highly secure and suitable technology for current automation requirements.


Flexible Portfolio for Remote Working

Whether in the home office or at a mobile workplace, employees today need to be able to access their company’s IT systems around the clock. Prerequisites for a secure home office and for IT security while on the road are the protection of the company network against compromised private systems and a systematic separation of private and business data. genua offers an extensive line of products for remote work that can be combined to create individual solutions.

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Protect Your IoT Network with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

Networked production environments offer many targets for cyber attacks – the cognitix Threat Defender provides you with reliable protection. In addition to the many advantages offered by Industry 4.0 and IoT with the increasing networking of OT and IT systems, the development also harbors risks: OT networks and logistics processes are increasingly susceptible to attacks on sensitive plant and company data. The integration of the cognitix Threat Defender in your network protects you from this type of attack. With threat intelligence, AI and data analytics functions, it offers reliable protection for your IT infrastructure.


genua – Excellence in Digital Security

genua GmbH ensures the IT security of digital infrastructures in complex, critical or regulated environments. In a dynamic and networked world, we make a contribution to the ability of companies and public organizations to act as well as to their sovereignty. We thereby ensure that the opportunities that this world offers can be used.

As one of the few IT security firms in the world, genua satisfies the highest national and international security standards and enjoys the trust of leading institutions. As a subsidiary of Bundesdruckerei, we help to shape the framework conditions of the IT security ecosystem and are a cooperating partner of government organizations, research institutes, committees and associations.

Systems from genua are recognized with the "IT Security Made in Germany" seal. For us, this label stands both for a solution portfolio that guarantees quality, performance, service and innovative capability on a world-class level as well as for a company philosophy based on integrity, reliability, sustainability and commitment to location.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

genua develops innovative, reliable as well as market-shaping products and solutions. Whether in the public sector, for the operators of critical infrastructures, in industry or in the protection of classified information: we provide answers to the IT security challenges of today and of tomorrow.

In doing so, we offer our customers an integrated portfolio of solutions that is certified according to the highest security and quality standards and covers all relevant segments of IT security. We complement this offer with comprehensive service, consulting and training services, thereby ensuring optimal use of our products.

As a subsidiary of Bundesdruckerei, we stand for stability and long-term, value-based collaboration. We are convinced that excellent IT security solutions arise only through the combination of technological craftsmanship, advanced applied research, a deep understanding of our customers and comprehensive knowledge of the framework conditions.

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IT Security "Made in Germany"

genua develops and produces exclusively in Germany. Our solutions satisfy the highest security standards, up to approvals for use with classified information.

Excellent Quality Management

genua is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and, through systematic quality management, guarantees consistently high product and service quality.

Innovation and Implementation Strength

genua combines a global perspective of IT security trends with intensively applied research and finely crafted, technological excellence.

Committed Partnership

genua is an effective problem solver on-site, a strategic sparring partner and a driving force in the definition and evaluation of future scenarios.

Your Career at genua

Our mission is to create an inspiring and stimulating working environment for our team that opens long-term perspectives, development opportunities and creative freedom.

To accomplish this, we offer continuing education programs, attractive salary and work time models, sport and health opportunities as well as an open work culture that is based on partnership. Furthermore, as a high-growth subsidiary of Bundesdruckerei, we enjoy a high level of financial and strategic stability.

Stable and Dynamic

As an independently operating subsidiary of Bundesdruckerei, genua combines high financial and strategic stability with the dynamics of the IT security market.

Recipient of Numerous Awards

genua has been recognized for outstanding performance with numerous awards and receives outstanding evaluations on independent portals such as kununu as an employer and training workplace.

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