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Our attendences at trade fairs, congresses and events in 2014


genublog: Doing my part to help Germany

A colleague from Rio de Janeiro tells how he came to the genua company in Bavaria doing his part to help Germany develop its IT industry

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Video: Two-Tier Firewall genugate Offers Certified Network Security

Product owner Alexander Bluhm explains why the two-tier firewall genugate offers a very high level of network security to companies and public authorities


New: vs-diode for High-Speed One-Way Data Transfer

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The New cyber-diode allows Secure Connection of Critical Infrastructure

The cyber-diode protects connected control systems in critical environments against unauthorized access and enables unidirectional data transfers into high-security networks with up to 1 Gbit/s data throughput


The New vs-diode for Unidirectional High-Speed Data Transfers

The vs-diode allows one-way data transfers into high-security networks with up to 1 Gbit/s data throughput – information flow in the opposite direction is strictly blocked

Two-Tier Firewall genugate 8.1  

genugate Firewall: Bringing Skype and Cloud Usage Under Control

In the new version 8.1 a feature has been added that allows administrators to block or introduce conditional use of widely adopted applications such as Skype or cloud services with a mouse-click

Security Platform genubox 4.2  

genubox Security Platform: Keeping an Eye on Remote Access at All Times

Good to know: genubox 4.2 records and archives all actions of external service providers on the remote maintenance solution's user interface